Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last Adventure before Baby?

I ended the last post saying maybe the next one would contain good news. Well that is accurate, but not for the reasons you might think. No baby yet, but today's post is about good news -- because we had a good day. :)

At church this morning, Matt talked about "Rugged Obedience" and I could definitely relate to the points of the talk. He discussed Moses and the ways that Moses obeyed God and had to ignore his own expectations and timing and trust God. It was definitely a message that encouraged us in our current situation. :)

In the afternoon, Jackie, Jessamyn, Katie and I were hanging out for some much needed girlstime.

We were gonna watch a movie, but got sidetracked making cookies. Then Evan showed up and he and David were hanging out. Marcus stopped by while he was in town to see Katie, and the boys started playing Wii. At that point, Jessamyn called her dude over, and JD joined the games downstairs.

Therefore, we ladies decided to go on an "adventure" to get some essentials (like milk for the cookies) and to pick up dinner.

We first went to Food Lion for the essentials.

Then we went to Gumby's where Jackie was memorable but not too memorable. (To retrieve our free Pokey Stix using our club card coupons). We acted like we were spies the whole was fun pretending to be clandestine.

Then we raced over to Papa John's. Here, since we ordered separately to use two coupons, we split into two groups and pretended we didn't know each other. We were just being silly having fun!

The whole time while driving around town in Novalee Jolene (K-Po's car), we were listing to "Motown's Greatest Hits" in the car in honor of Motown's 50th anniversary.

Below is us dancing... this is the best photo my phone could take while we were all moving!

After getting back home, we shared the pizza with the men and watched "88 Minutes" with Al Pacino. Not Al's finest work, but it was fun to joke around with the group and try to guess the ending.

After the movie, Evan told poop stories while we all laughed hysterically. (His stories followed up a conversation on childbirth where I was trying to explain parts of what being pregnant has been like...there was an actual tie-in somewhere...)
The goal of all the laughing was to try and induce labor -- but so far it hasn't worked.

Despite no mini-chinny yet, I had a blast today with friends. I'm glad we are able to enjoy the journey while we wait and have fun living life!

Tomorrow is Labor Day -- maybe in more ways than one? Only time will tell...

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Sher Vogel said...

awesome! ....o yeah..and i def. see the link between poop and childbirth :)