Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts..

So I mentioned yesterday that we were on Daisy's first road trip. The past 24 hours have included more "firsts" for Daisy.

She went to that town we don't speak of (Charlottesville) and we ate lunch at our friends Ben & Anna's place. Aunt Lisa, who lives just down the road, also stopped by to say hi.

Yesterday, she attended her first wedding rehearsal and wore her first dress. Everyone thought she was adorable! :)

Back at the hotel, she wore her first pair of pajamas to bed. (Thanks Merlyn!)

Today, she went to the store for the first time (we had to pick up some items at Target off our registry). It was also her first experience as a fan of Hokie football to experience beating Miami! (HOW AWESOME WAS THAT FOOTBALL GAME!)

She wore another dress today, as she attended her first wedding. (This is a dress mommy wore when she was a kid.)

She also had her first dance (with daddy, of course).

Speaking of Daddy, he did a great job officiating Ben & Amy's wedding! (that was a first for him)

Wow - weddings are tiring.

She got to meet a lot of people this weekend for the first time -- too many to name. So many that it wore her out! Here she is snoozing through the reception.

Back at the hotel, it was finally time to relax!

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