Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Our Own

So my parents left before daylight on Wednesday so they could head back to Richmond. (My mom did hold Daisy for about 4+ hours while she slept, allowing me to get a solid "night's" sleep.)

We really appreciated them coming up--it was huge to have extra hands the first few days David was back at work.

Yesterday, though, was day one of Daisy and I being on our own. We managed pretty well. I'm learning how to master using the laptop with one hand while I hold her in the other. So far, she will only sleep being held. The moment you lay her down, she'll wake up crying. I figure that will change as she grows, and although it's a little overwhelming to always have to hold her, it is great to know she needs the warmth of our human attachment to feel secure and safe. She is still so little and I do cherish her need for me as I know 15 years from now she'll be mad at me for saying no to something. :)

She must be going through another growth spurt, because staring yesterday after lunch, she began feeding every hour, and some feedings would last 20-30 minutes. I'll admit it was quite tiring and 5:00 couldn't have come sooner. It was a relief when David came home and could hold her for the 30 minutes between feedings. (He also came home for lunch which was a great relief!)

Today we start day two of being on our own -- I will be glad when the growth spurt ends, as I think that will make the days easier to manage.

Here we are yesterday:

(you can tell she was not happy for this pic -- she was ready to eat again)

I did successfully put her down for five minutes, allowing me to have a bathroom break and a chance to grab a snack!

(p.s. Daisy met Beth on Tuesday night. Daisy agrees Beth is funnier than David!)

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