Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Day

Well today was a great 8th anniversary for David and I. We enjoyed our first full day with Daisy.

Here she is swaddled up for bed:

Here she is with her grandpa:

Look at her bright eyes!

She is so much more than we ever imagined. She's absolutely perfect.

We had more visitors this evening: Kati, Maggi, Hayli, Cory, Mike, Kristal & Robbie. We also got tons of calls, emails and texts full of love and wishes!

Yup -- a good day indeed!


blaireruch said...

she is such a little peanut! i love her! great pic of your dad! love you, blaire

Annie said...

Ahh!! Burrito Baby! I love the swaddling clothes =)

Lisa said...

she is so cute and sweet! when will you guys be coming home?