Saturday, September 5, 2009

No Full Moon Baby

Well, we had a bunch of contractions last night, and I was timing them, but they weren't consistent enough to go to the hospital. We even went for a walk at 11:30 pm in hopes of making them stronger. And they did continue, but as the night wore on, they got slower. They continued to slow down overnight once I went to bed, and although they have started back up today, they are still slow.

I'm not sure the full moon has helped, so far... let's hope today is the day?

All along throughout our pregnancy, we've gotten a weekly email from telling us about our baby's development each week. This is also the email which would give us the size, for those of you who know about our produce comparisons each week. These emails are all based on the due date that is listed. Today, ironically, we got the below email:

I'll have to admit it was slightly discouraging to get an email with the subject: "Your 1 week old." Actually, we don't have a 1 week old. We don't even have a 1 day old. Or a 1 hour old. We have a 41-week old baby in the belly.

Oh well. God's timing is best. In this we have to trust. Otherwise, David and I would be going nuts right about now.

I hope my next post can be good news! We'll have to wait and see!


blaireruch said...


Hope this post doesn't come across the wrong way, as it's meant only with love, and I definitely empathize with you.

You probably already know what I'm about to say anyways. And I know information is not what you care
about right now, you just want to be done with being pregnant and have that baby out! Still, I will share...

Even though I have had two kids, at my recent appointment, my nurse practitioner reminded/corrected me when I talked about the arrival of Courtlyn and Kiefer. I said, "well, Courtlyn was 4 days early and Kiefer was 13 days early. So I'll probably go early with this one." She said, "no, they weren't "early". 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your "due date" is still fair game and perfectly normal. You could say they were 4 days and 13 days before "due date", but they were not early. They were right on time."

It can be confusing, because what help is a 4 week window really?! And e-mails that talk about your newborn don't help clear that up. Waiting is just HARD for all of us, no matter what the situation. Especially when someone gives you a date that you should be able to stop waiting.

Maybe what the pregnancy world should do is consistently say that a pregnancy typically lasts between 38 to 42 weeks, and still be completely right "on time".

Enjoy these last days with just the two of you! We are praying for you! :)



Kristen said...

Wendy, I've been checking your blog faithfully because I'm so excited! I wanted to encourage you with this...I had a long, slow labor (24 hours with irregular contractions) but here's the encouraging part...the more work your body does with not too painful contractions, the better! That means the delivery could have the potential to be easier. So, every contraction is good, even if its not TRUE labor. Hang in there! And remember...once the baby is here, none of this will even matter! (and it will make a good story :) I'll pray for you, too!