Monday, September 7, 2009

more to come


blaireruch said...

super cute!
you look pretty joyful there!
and daisy looks so content to snuggle with mama chinn!



jody said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YAHOOOO!!!Welcome to the world, baby Daisy!! We are THRILLED you are here and cannot wait to meet you in person-GOD IS GOOD!!!! (and we are partial to new girl babies as in our world, that is the only way babies come, haha :) )

the Hilts :)

Jordan said...

so beautiful! mom and baby!!!

Sher Vogel said...


Katie said...

sleep sweet my beautiful chinn family :)

Daniel Hall said...

How beautiful!! God's majesty displayed. May there be many Minny-Chinnies. :)


blaireruch said...

love the daddy pics!
we are praying for a good first night for everyone!



Shannon C. said...

She is amazing and wonderful and beautiful and all things great! Wendy, you look pretty great, too, especially considering the work you just put in to get her here! Congratulations to you, David and Daisy!

GW said...

What no glove on her hand yet? Sure they make an extra extra extra small softball mitt. I can't wait to meet her. Two weeks baby!