Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gameday: part two

So folks that know us know we usually take Sundays as sabbath days. Our typical schedule is to head to church, then settle in on the couch and spend the day watching football and following our fantasy football teams. We have a special package that allows us to watch Bears games (and all the NFL games). It's our way of relaxing in the fall and having fun. :)

Today, we skipped church since Daisy is so small, but it's opening day of the NFL so it was definitely gameday. In addition, the Bears open up tonight against the hated Packers.

You can see Daisy is ready for her first Bears game!

Here's mommy and Daisy together in their Bears outfits.

Bear down, Chicago Bears!

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Shannon C. said...

Wendy, you look great, and, of course, Daisy is beautiful, too!