Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Going Home Day!

Tuesday night went pretty well. Daisy fed regularly once she got the hang of latching on. The pediatrician checked her out just before 9am and said she looked great.

Grammy and Grandpa Rose stopped by early for a quick visit before they headed home to Richmond. Then mommy and daddy shared some breakfast while Daisy slept. Then Daisy ate while daddy packed up. We spent the day relaxing while going through discharge procedures. We finally left the hospital in time to make it home around dinnertime.

Here are some going home pictures:

Here is Daddy driving Miss Daisy...

We were visited by Mike who delivered an arrangement of daisies from the Swann family.
Daddy David then unpacked while Mommy fed Daisy. We since have settled down to rest for the evening.

Here's Daisy going to bed at home for her first night.


blaireruch said...

ok, i have to confess, i'm a little in love with daisy. ok, a LOT! do i win the prize for the most posts??? she is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! i love the one of her in the bassinet, and the car ride home! I will be praying for a great first night for all of you!

hokiegal23 said...

Haha! Definitely win prize for most posts but I love reading them!

Thanks for your prayers! :)