Friday, September 11, 2009

First full day at home

Well we had a pretty good day at home today. We didn't get much sleep last night in our first night. Daddy had an early dentist appointment so mommy fed Daisy while daddy was gone. Mommy and Daddy rotated shifts of holding Daisy while she slept and trying to catnap and shower ourselves.

We had several visitors including Jeanette, Jim, Koren, Devin, Amy & Steve. We also were blessed with dinner from Jessamyn, who stayed long enough for a visit to hold Daisy while we ate.

Daisy did have a lot of spit-up today, even some out the nose. :( (I think she's getting a lot of air while nursing today.)

It's bedtime now-- one last pic of the day:

Okay...maybe two.


blaireruch said...

ohmigosh! i love the dave holding her and puckering one! super sweet! first nights are HARD! but you survived! have fun with the "muffin" and crew tonight! wish i could come visit and help!
miss y'all! love, blaire

Katie said...

you just made my world infinitely better. thank you for posting this beautiful picture!!! :)