Friday, September 11, 2009

Visitors (and first bath)!

Daisy took her first "bath" tonight (as in sponge bath) but I don't have any pics. We took video, but it was not a happy occasion. She screamed the whole time like we were torturing her for top secret information. I'm pretty sure most newborns hate being washed, though.

Once she was all clean, she was ready for her visitors. She got to meet aunt Cheri and cousins Jonas and Asher. She also got to meet friends Steve & Jorie and Glynis.

Here are some pics:
Two of the Condon sisters visiting Daisy.

Aunt Cheri, Asher & Daisy. Asher was SO excited to meet and touch Daisy.

Jonas, who just turned 5 earlier this week, holding Daisy.

Asher holding Daisy (with help from Grandpa).

Busy night for Daisy, who has managed to sleep through most of it! That makes me wonder if she'll be awake most of the night. She definitely is still quite nocturnal. Could be a long one...

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