Friday, September 4, 2009

Mini-Chinny update

Or should I say, the un-update.

This week has been anti-climactic. We went for our regular doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning, and although the baby was very far down (still), there wasn't much progress on dilation. Still just 1.5 cm. They scheduled us for a BPP ultrasound (bio-physical profile) to check on the baby's health, and sent us home.

We went to the BPP yesterday and our baby scored an 8/8. That means it met all of the criteria for a healthy, safe baby. Plenty of amniotic fluid. Plenty of movement. Strong heartbeat and breathing. The only quirk was the fact that Mini was lying in a sideways fetal position, which explains why I have a huge bulge on my right side. The ultrasound tech confirmed that the head is all the way down in position -- the baby is ready to roll except there's no way out right now. Also, now that I understand the position, I understand why I have an awkward shaped belly that puts pressure horizontally across me (which has made it very tough to sleep lately).

Anyway, things checked out, which meant no need to rush an induction. We had previously been told that we wouldn't be allowed to go past the 8th. We were okay with that date (which happens to be our 8th anniversary) and so we've been looking at that as the beginning of the next phase. Yesterday, I received a call from the doctor's office and because of scheduling reasons, I was told we'd be induced on the 10th if necessary. I know its only 2 days, but I was so discouraged. Ugh. That would put me at 12 days past due date. Just about 42 weeks... I am praying we don't last until next Thursday.

Today, I went to Starbucks to do some paperwork for work (it's a work from home day) and Kristal got me to try a sample of a pumpkin-spice frappacino. If you know me at all, you know I hate coffee anything. But I figured, hey, why not. So I tried the was tolerable, and I hoped it might spark something!

After Starbucks, I met David for a quick lunch at China Inn. His fortune said "Your luck has been completely changed today." I took this as a positive sign. :)

So that's the latest update... I've been having contractions, just not regular ones. Still just a waiting keep praying. Pray for contractions to be regular and productive. And to not stop once they start.

Full moon tonight... maybe that will help?


Katie said...

David Chinn: no sad faces this close to Hokie Football Starting.

blaireruch said...

i bet the full moon will do something. praying for you!!!

The Roberts said...

China inn!! Without us? I miss you guys!